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Last updated on  July 7, 2016

Shriranjani is currently offering classes online only.  Please contact us at shriranjani.hcv@gmail.com for more info
Students performed on occasion of Gandhi Day on Oct 5, 2013
Advanced students performed on the occasion of Mehfill Live 2nd anniversary
Students of Shriranjani won 3rd prize in Junior Hindustani Classical category at OSAAT Natya Raaga 2013 Music contest on Feb 10 at Jain Temple, Milpitas, CA.
Shriranjani is currently offering classes online only.  Please contact us at shriranjani.hcv@gmail.com for more info


        Offering online classes only

ShriRanjani is an Indian classical music school established by Ms. Shubhasree Chaki. It offers vocal classes in Hindustani Classical music to students - currently offering classes ONLY online to intermediate and advanced students. Each and every student is nurtured personally so as to bring out the music in the individual. Music is instilled in every student so that he can sing effortlessly to his heart's joy and contentment instead of considering it as a task. Hindustani form of music is extempore-based, expressive and elaborate. Hence the emphasis of ShriRanjani has always been on understanding the art form and then rendering which goes beyond the scripted notation pattern.

Online classes are offered for the following forms of music - 

  • Hindustani Classical
  • Rabindrasangeet
  • Nazrulgeeti
  • Dwijendrageeti
  • Bengali semi-classical songs
  • Raag based Bhajans/Ghazals/other semi-classical forms  

Music is the purest form of art. It expresses what no words can ever express. One of its styles being Indian classical music which roots deep into the history of South Eastern part of the globe. Indian classical music is further divided into two styles - Hindustani or North Indian classical music and Carnatic or South Indian classical music. The Hindustani style has two aspects - theoretical and practical/vocal. Students at ShriRanjani are groomed in both the aspects equally so as to impart completion of Sangeet Shiksha of the respective level.  
ShriRanjani gets numerous opportunities to have its students perform at various local programs in Bay area. This serves as a great source of motivation and helps in carving out their stage-fear, boosting their confidence level and in turn helps them become a better personality altogether.

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